Cleo Fychan runs London Marathon on behalf of Recovery London

On 23rd April 2017, Cleo Fychan of WDP Camden ran the London Marathon to raise money for the Recovery London service. Cleo completed the 26 miles and  385-yard  course in 3 hours, 47 minutes and 17 seconds, an excellent time and a great achievement that all of us at WDP are incredibly proud of.

Cleo has said that she was inspired to undertake this challenge after having the "privilege to meet and work with many wonderful, resilient, hopeful and determined individuals who deserve the best services that we can offer them." Cleo noted that "Dual Diagnosis services are few and far between, and Recovery London provides an excellent service to people in need. It is a safe and supportive space where people have the opportunity to heal and  grow,  while battling difficult life situations".

At present, Cleo has raised over £1000 for Recovery  London,  and is still raising funds. If you are interested in supporting Cleo and Recovery London, please visit her JustGiving page here.

Published on Friday, April 28, 2017 - 10:55