HMP Woodhill

WDP Woodhill provides a recovery focused treatment service for all substance misuse prisoners at HMP Woodhill. The psychosocial and clinical services work alongside each other to offer an integrated service that addresses all the needs of prisoners in a seamless manner.

Substance misusing prisoners have access to support for their drug and alcohol problems from the point of arrival in the prison to their release, ensuring a smooth transition into the community. We work with the prisoner to develop a care plan based on their needs and recovery aspirations, and this will include preparation for release from prison. We work with key departments in the prison and partners in the community to assist prisoners in overcoming their dependency, improving their health and reducing the risk of reoffending.

WDP provides the psychosocial and clinical interventions, working in close partnership with the Central North West London health services,as well as the various teams and services in the prison and in the community.

We provide the following services

  • Comprehensive assessment of all substance misusing prisoners and risk management planning
  • Case management and care coordination, including recovery planning and reviews of treatment progress
  • One-to-one support through sessions with a key worker
  • Group work programmes
  • Prescribing services
  • Assessment and planning for detoxification
  • Detoxification, stabilisation and reduction regimes for opiate users
  • Complete Alcohol and Benzodiazepines detoxification regimes:
  • Well man checks and general health advice and guidance
  • Access to peer support and Recovery Champions as well an OCN level 2 award in Peer Mentoring (WDP has been awarded approved provider standards – APS, for their mentoring and befriending programmes)
  • Support for prisoners presenting both mental health and substance use problems, including dual diagnosis assessments and referrals as well as monthly dual diagnosis clinics
  • Resettlement and pre-release planning: we work closely with all departments in the prison and in the community to support the release and reintegration of individuals into the community. We do this by working closely with criminal justice agencies in the community to ensure continuity of care beyond the gate. Liaising with community prescribing providers
  • We offer access to drug and alcohol advice and guidance to family and carers, via twice monthly advice and guidance sessions in the visit centre at HMP Woodhill
  • Weekly Acupuncture, mutual aid (NA and AA groups) and peer support are also delivered via WDP at HMP Woodhill
  • Service user forums and regular service users satisfaction reviews are carried out by WDP at HMP Woodhill, to gain regular feedback and to inform service development

Contact Details

WDP Woodhill 
HMP Woodhill
Tattenhoe Street
Milton Keynes MK4 4DA
T: 01908 722 000 / 01908 722 278
F: 01908 722 252 / 01908 722 270

We work in partnership with HMP Woodhill and Central North West London health services to deliver an integrated substance misuse service in the prison.

In the community we work with CGL, Compass and Thames Valley Probation Service, SMART, mutual aid groups and local health services.

Services provided at HMP Woodhill :