WDP Recovery London

Who are we?

WDP Recovery London is the culmination of two projects, The Seventy4 Foundation and the Core Trust. The projects have been delivering first class addictions counselling and group-work since 1974.

We offer a range of quality and innovative abstinence based, counselling treatments which are tailored to the individual, as well as providing direct support for their children and family members.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in counselling, group work and family work, as well as offering specialist support for those who suffer with enduring mental health issues and addiction (Dual Diagnosis).


Services include:


  • We carry out a through counselling assessment to see which of our programmes would be most suitable and offer a range of clinical programmes to suit a client’s particular needs

Day Programme:

  • The day program includes a combination of process groups, life skills/psycho-educational groups, 12 step recovery theory, as well as offering mindfulness practice and acupuncture.
  • The group run Monday to Friday 10am-4pm and each client will also receive weekly 1:1 counselling.
  • For those who are unable to attend full time, a part-time programme and 1:1 session are available which incorporates the core Day programme groups and takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Dual Diagnosis Support:

  • At Recovery London we have many years of experience supporting those with Dual Diagnosis. We aim to include all clients in our daily community groups, and then provide specialist groups exploring the key issues of managing both mental health and addictive behaviour.
  • As will the Day Programme, support for those with Dual Diagnosis is available on both a full time and part time basis.

Evening Programme:

  • This is a part-time evening programme that focuses on the “here and now”, maintaining abstinence and preventing relapse. It is specifically tailored to people who cannot attend a programme during the day due to work or other commitments. It is suitable for people suffering from any addictive disorder, including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol gambling and sex.

Family Support:

  • At Recovery London we are able to work with the individual as well as their children. We work very closely with the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC). As a result, clients are supported into recovery, hopefully avoiding the painful separation of families which can often result from prolonged drug/alcohol use or supporting those during the separation process.

Individual Counselling:

  • Our counsellors are able to work with a variety of addictive disorders including drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and eating disorders. We provide a safe environment to explore the dynamics of living with addiction and help to find solutions and strategies to tackle it.
  • We offer sessions between 9am and 5pm and also have a limited number of evening appointments.


Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

WDP Recovery London

Lisson Cottages

35a Lisson Grove

London NW1 6UD


T:020 7233 0400

E: recoverylondon@wdp.org.uk

*Please be advised that this email address should not be used to send confidential information.  Contact your local service to find out how to make a referral



We take referrals from all local authroities across London and from self-funding clients.

To find out more about how we may be able to help, please feel free to call one of the team on 020 7233 0400