Dave's first role in Health & Social Care was as a volunteer in a Needle Exchange in 2003.

Since then Dave has worked in a range of operational areas, including; outreach, housing/homelessness, rehabilitation, substance misuse, offending, young people, peer provision and complex needs. Having also worked in a number of central functions, including; quality assurance, regulatory compliance, process planning, data analysis and innovation/development.

His work in these areas has been within a range of roles, including; voluntary, service user-facing, teaching, advisory, mentoring, managerial, director and trustee positions.  Building a strong track record of strategic, and partnership focused delivery of safe, effective, caring and impactful services for the people that need them the most, in ways that are accessible to those people.

Leading our activities in the North West, Dave is responsible for translating organisational strategic intent into deliverable outcomes, that give both value for money and a positive impact for the communities WDP works within, ensuring that effective service provision is integrated into a wider framework of health and wellbeing delivery.