We have a comprehensive suite of in-person, online and e-learning programmes to help our staff learn and grow. We also have the following benefits that our people can take advantage of:

‘Buddy’ sessions with a member of our Senior Management Team

Having our people feel connected to their teams and the organisation as a whole is really important to us. Therefore, members of our senior management team make themselves available for any WDP employee that would like to have a ‘buddy’ session with them. Coaching and mentoring sessions are also available from senior staff to support your development.

Our People Awards

Recognising the hard work and talent of our staff teams is something we celebrate each year. The judging panel for Our People Awards comprises of service user representatives, volunteers, and staff Connection Champions. They help us to shine a spotlight on the people at WDP making the biggest positive impact on their colleagues and the people that they support.

Career break

We know that there are times when people want to take a longer break from work, for a whole variety of reasons. Career break opportunities can therefore be considered after 3 years of service.

Additional responsibility payments

There are some organisational responsibilities that we want and need our staff to get involved with and contribute to. To encourage people to undertake these essential activities, we offer increases in their pay to reflect the additional development responsibilities. Some of the roles which include additional responsibility payments include Mental Health First Aider, First Aider, Health & Safety Lead, Fire Warden, Connection Champion, Associate Staff Trainer, and Volunteer or Student Supervisor.

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