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WDP seeks to transform recovery for people with addiction and mental health issues. We have long been a charity that puts the wellbeing of our service users first and we achieve this through our four key values - Entrepreneurial, Working in Partnership, having Strong belief in Service Users and being Community Focused.
Our values seek to dissipate the stigma faced by our service user on a daily basis. WDP works to highlight how negative portrayals in the media are incredibly detrimental to the recovery and communal reintegration of service users.
WDP believes that by having a strong delivery model, we are able to provide the best possible treatment, whilst advocating on behalf of our service users. We are dedicated to providing an infrastructure that is best able to support our service users in their recovery. To ensure this, we aim to innovate in both service delivery and back office functions.
WDP realises the importance of applying our knowledge and expertise in advocating for our service users. We seek to attract and retain the most talented and innovative individuals working in the public health sector. Whilst skills can be taught, we seek out staff that share our recovery focused values and have a genuine passion for assisting people to realise their potential.
In the information age, community encompasses more than just the local. WDP envisions a national community that does not stigmatise those with substance misuse issues, but instead supports them. With the dedication of our staff, we believe that we can continue to transform more lives.