Chair of WDP Yasmin Batliwala Comments in The Sun

Our Chair, Yasmin Batliwala, comments in The Sun re new research from NHS Digital revealing that more young people are partaking in drug use than smoking cigarettes. 

"It is a positive sign that smoking is becoming less popular throughout Britain for young people. Apart from the obvious health benefits, it is also a clear indicator that attitudes towards smoking are changing. With many more options available for smokers who want to quit, we encourage those considering to do so to take that first step.

However, the evidence for a rise in drug use amongst young people is something that we must all be aware of. Statistics from 2016 show that the Netherlands has the highest rate of young people taking MDMA (approximately 5.5%), closely followed by the UK (approximately 3.5%).

WDP currently supports 2,534 service users, 21 of which are MDMA users (less than 1%). Our youth services have the largest percentage of MDMA users, correlating with the suggestion that this drug is popular amongst young people". 

Please find a link to the article here

Published on Friday, November 3, 2017 - 11:39