Hillingdon Recovery Month Celebration Event

On Wednesday 27 th September ARCH Criminal Justice Senior Practitioner Jaya Karira and Criminal Justice Recovery Practitioner Max Griffiths attended the ‘Hillingdon Police Health and Wellbeing Fair’. This was to promote the services that ARCH offer as a whole and the specific role that the criminal justice team have within the service. During the fair, topics such as opiate replacements, alcohol treatment and the growing use of nitrous oxide were communicated. This gave ARCH a good opportunity to further their working relationship with the local police in Hillingdon, ensuring they deliver the appropriate information for potential service users that have contact with the police on a day-to-day basis.

On Thursday 28 th September, ARCH held a recovery event in the afternoon celebrating people’s recovery stories, 5 ways of wellbeing (Connect, Be active, Take notice, Keep learning, Give), poetry battles, food and refreshments and awards ceremony. Jaya and Max also gave a presentation to staff at HMP Wormwood Scrubs on Friday 29 th September.

Referral pathways, treatment options, rehabilitation and detox opportunities and the DIP team’s ‘building better relationships’ group was among the topics discussed. Both events are part of Hillingdon Criminal Justice Team’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between offending behaviour and substance misuse by developing strong ties with agencies in the criminal justice system. Using a client-focused approach the DIP team ensures a smooth continuation of care from a criminal justice to a community setting.


Written by Max Griffiths, Criminal Justice Recovery Practitioner

Published on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 14:47