WDP is UK’s first substance misuse provider to prescribe Buvidal

WDP’s Redbridge service, R3, is the first drug and alcohol service in the country to begin treating opiate users with a monthly depot injection.

The injection, known as Buvidal, is a depot prolonged-release version of Buprenorphine.  It is being prescribed for several service users in the Redbridge area who, once a month, receive the injection at a local chemist.

WDP has worked closely with the London Borough of Redbridge’s drug and alcohol commissioners; Camurus, the producers of Buvidal; and a local pharmacy, P&S Chemist, to pilot this exciting and ground-breaking new method.

Once administered, Buvidal slowly releases Buprenorphine over a pre-selected time frame. The depot injection can release in the body over a weekly or a monthly period.  During this time, service users can focus on other recovery activities, such as work, training or education, without having to worry about picking up weekly prescriptions. Buvidal is a good choice for service users who are working, as well as those who may repeatedly forget to pick up their prescriptions.

Feedback from service users have been very positive and the service is looking to widen the use. One service user simply stated: “It has given me my life back.”

Tohel Ahmed, R3 Service Manager, said: “We are very pleased to be leading the country in this new approach to opiate substitution treatment.  At R3, we are committed to working in partnership to offer people choice and also achieve the best outcomes possible for our service users. Buvidal will be an important tool in achieving this.”


Published on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 10:00