WDP is committed to building an organisational culture that respects and values the diversity of its people, treats them fairly, and makes full use of their abilities, skills and experience in a positive and inclusive working environment.

We are also committed to making our services accessible and inclusive, regardless of an individual’s protected characteristic, recovery status or offending background.

These commitments are integral to the delivery of our mission and core values and our ethos of enabling service users to lead safer, more stable, and more fulfilling lives. 

Through the delivery of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, we are building an inclusive organisation and striving to create a more diverse, representative workforce to deliver high quality services, responsive to the needs of all service users.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019
This is our second gender pay gap report and we are pleased to note the improvements that we have made in reducing our pay gap from 7.3% to 4.7%. However there remains much more to do, and we will be continuing to work towards reducing the pay gap between men and women year-on-year. Read our Gender Pay Gap Report.