When you start working with us at WDP, your annual leave allowance will be 30 days from the very beginning. This sector-leading annual leave entitlement increases over time with a maximum of 33 days once you have been working with us for five years.   

On top of this generous allowance, we also want to support with additional leave when there are important events taking place in your personal life. Not all of these benefits will work for you, but we’re comfortable with that because we are a diverse bunch and know that different things work for different people.


Our staff can choose to take their birthday off as paid leave if they would like. If your birthday falls on a non-working day? No problem, you can still take an additional day’s leave at another time to mark the occasion the week before or after your birth date, why not make it a long weekend!

Getting married

When a colleague gets married or forms a civil partnership, it is a really important time in their lives. We offer an additional day of paid leave to put towards your celebrations.

Moving home

Moving to a new home can be a stressful time. At WDP, you can take an extra day off work to support your move – whether it be the actual move day, the day before to give you more time to get ready, or the day after when you need some time to rest!

Your child’s first day of school

For parents, the very first day that your child starts school is a big deal for both you and them! We want you to have the flexibility to be there when that happens. Therefore, our staff can take an additional day of leave for each of their children’s first days at their very first school.

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