Harrow Smoking Cessation Service

Free and confidential stop smoking services in the London Borough of Harrow


What to expect

We have a trained specialist advisor on hand to support you via one-to-one sessions, which will start a couple of weeks before you quit.


Why it helps

Your advisor will provide free nicotine replacement therapies and other stop smoking medicines. They will be able to recommend which product or combination of products could work for you.

Need a little motivation? Your specialist advisor can measure the levels of carbon monoxide in your body using a carbon monoxide monitor. The monitor shows how your CO level drops to the same level as a non-smoker…

Stopping smoking is one of the most important and worthwhile decisions you will ever make. No matter how long you have smoked for, quitting can help both your physical and mental health immediately. 

So, if you are ready to quit or would like more information, get in touch.


Get in touch

Tel: 0300 303 2868

Email: HarrowStopSmoking@wdp.org.uk

Secure email for professionals sending confidential information: HarrowStopSmoking@wdp.cjsm.net

Services provided at Harrow Smoking Cessation Service :