How to refer to us

How can I get a place at Passmores House?

You can contact us yourself or a friend, relative or professional can do it on your behalf. Initially, a telephone referral will be taken where we take down for basic information regarding personal details, substance misuse, previous treatment history, medical history and previous criminal history. Then an appointment can be arranged with the referrer immediately, and a date and time will be confirmed for the assessment. Alternatively, you can complete the referral form at the bottom of this page.

What happens on the first visit?

When you arrive, you will have an assessment which will take approximately one hour. If accepted onto the programme, you will then be invited to visit the facility and meet the staff and residents. (Note: A tour of the premises will only be possible if you are free from mind-altering substances).

Referring agents are welcome to attend to see the facilities offered and meet with staff and residents.

Following acceptance, you will be placed on our waiting list. The Bed Manager will liaise with you and your Care Manager to ensure you are kept up to date with bed availability, funding, medical issues, legal issues and support. All beds are offered 'pending acceptance' after successful assessment and confirmation of funding. The Bed Manager will ensure a smooth transition into treatment.

Who pays for the treatment?

The cost of treatment will be paid by your local authority if you have an agreement with them that that is the right next step for you. It can also be funded privately by you or your family or other sponsor.

For further information, please contact Passmores House Admissions Coordinator on:

T: 01279 634 200 

*Please be advised that this email address should not be used to send confidential information.  Contact your local service to find out how to make a referral

How long will I be staying?

The length of stay depends on what service or package of services you need. Detox can be as short as 7 days, while a complete package of care from detox through to reintegration could last for up to six months. However, as an indication, detoxification normally lasts for between 14 and 21 days while rehabilitation tends to be of three months' duration.

Will I get my own bedroom and bathroom?

Everyone has their own single bedroom, this compromises of 17 en-suite bedrooms with a further 6 single bedrooms sharing bathrooms (2 bedrooms to one bathroom).

What to bring with you

  • Comfortable casual clothing (laundry facilities on-site) 
  • Suitable nightwear 
  • A bath towel 
  • Toiletries (avoiding mouthwash and perfumes that contain alcohol) 
  • All medication you are currently prescribed
  • Cigarettes/tobacco if you smoke (must be unopened packets) 
  • Money 

What to leave at home

  • Mobile phones, laptops, PSP, Nintendo DS and other similar items 
  • Clothing or accessories that advertise alcohol or drugs 
  • Alcohol and/or illicit substances 

Families are welcome to visit on Sundays after 14 days and with agreement from staff. Telephone calls are permitted and can be arranged with staff. If you have young children, it is possible to call them three times a week. This will be arranged with staff.