In a recent volunteer survey, 92% of our volunteers were either satisfied or very satisfied with their volunteer experiences at WDP and would recommend WDP to others as a place to volunteer.

Volunteering has been central to WDP from its very beginning. In 1990 WDP was established by a small group of volunteers looking to address the serious drug problems in the area around Harrow Road in West London. As the organisation has grown so has our volunteer workforce. Today, we have well over 100 volunteers supporting our services and this number continues to grow.

Help us make a difference

All volunteers make a significant contribution to the recovery of service users at WDP making a huge difference to the lives of 1000s of people every year. For many people, volunteering can play a valuable role in their own recovery. Over half our volunteers have had experience of recovery and take up volunteering as a way of supporting others who have experienced problems with alcohol and drugs. It is also a great way to develop practical and work-based skills, gain confidence and meet new people, and for some it can even be a stepping stone towards paid work.

Whatever your reasons are for volunteering there are many different ways you can get involved.  As a volunteer you will be closely supported throughout your time at WDP to ensure you get the most out of your volunteer experience. 



What our volunteers say

shutterstock_71011705_0.jpg“Being a volunteer actually helped me decide where I wanted to go in my life. It opened a different world for me” - WDP volunteer


shutterstock_160661273_0.jpg“When I was in rehab I was really impressed by the work of the counsellors and group workers. It made me think, I want to help people! I want to do the same thing! Being a volunteer gave me that opportunity” - WDP volunteer


Current volunteer vacancies

For a list of our current volunteer opportunities and information on how to apply, please visit volunteering opportunities.

Talk to us about volunteering

If you would like some more information or would like to talk to someone directly you can email the WDP Volunteering Team at volunteers@wdp.org.uk or call us on 0207 421 3100.