Alice's story

After a phone interview with the Volunteer Coordinator, I began my internship with the Human Resources (HR) team at the WDP head office in March 2012.

This was my first ever experience of working in an office after finishing my studies in Italy. Coming from another country and speaking a different language, I was pretty nervous! However, everyone was friendly and made me feel welcome so my anxieties quickly disappeared.

I soon got involved in different aspects of HR administration, from day-to-day management of the database system to processing CRB forms and invoices. I was also asked to call prospective candidates to schedule their interviews. This was one of the scariest aspects of the role since English is not my first language. However, I’m glad I was given this responsibility. It greatly improved my language skills and boosted my confidence.

I also had access to training sessions which taught me a lot about drug and alcohol work. This was one of the greatest benefits of my internship as it really made me think about applying for jobs in the field. The rich experience I had gained as a WDP volunteer helped me to get an interview opportunity for the Data Administrator role at WDP’s North Westminster service and I eventually got the job.

This would not have been possible without the internship in WDP’s HR team. It gave me the skills and confidence which are now essential in my current role. I have also recently started supervising a volunteer and I am loving the additional responsibility.

This is one of the best things about WDP: they value personal development. I felt that I was constantly improving during my placement and my current role is no different. I have access to training opportunities and receive constant support from my line manager and colleagues. Most importantly, I have been able to do all this in an environment where people work and smile at the same time!