Abstinence - based therapy

At WDP, we offer abstinence-based treatment models which focus on long-term change. Abstinence-based therapy facilitates recovery for individuals who are addicted to substances, through a combination of treatment programmes centred on rehabilitation. 

We believe that abstinence is about providing choices, and have sought to strengthen the services that we offer by placing more focus on the individual. Recognising that successful programmes are not ‘one size fits all’, we want to provide a platform from which individuals who are struggling with substance misuse can build a stable and sustained recovery.

Grumpy man.jpg“I felt safe, well looked after. I have now a positive outlook thanks to the exceptional workshops. I can’t find fault in any aspect” - Passmore House resident

As a result, we tailor our support programmes to be highly responsive to individual requirements so that we can help individuals to take control of their futures. We do this by providing our specialist clinical addictions treatment through Integrated Drug Treatment Services within the community, at specialist alcohol services and through residential detox services. These are all overseen by our clinical team and provide ongoing, person-intensive support throughout the recovery journey.

All WDP services will screen people on their alcohol use. This involves asking service users a few questions about their drinking habits to help us identify any hazardous or harmful behaviours. The screening can be done at our services or when necessary in police custody, and it is an efficient and quick way to assess if someone could benefit from support to address their alcohol use. Alcohol screening has proved to be an effective tool to educate people about their drinking and can help to reduce health and lifestyle related risk factors.

WDP staff may also complete an extended assessment with service users which involves a fuller evaluation of the person’s alcohol problems as well as their motivation to engage in treatment. This can help to identify details surrounding the individual’s health, drinking habits and other circumstances which could impact on their drinking. Following such an assessment, the person may be offered support within the service or be referred to a specialist alcohol service.

Where do we provide Abstinence - based therapy ?