Detox and rehab

WDP offers a range of tailored programmes that present significant, positive support to help our service users recover from drug and/or alcohol problems. Our services are designed to help you return to a full and active life, free from dependency.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification, or ‘detox’, is the physiological removal of toxic substances from the body. Most people undergoing detox are prescribed stabilisation or substitute medication to aid in the comfortable withdrawal of drugs and alcohol from the body. Treatment lasts for a few weeks and can be significantly longer if the individual has been using substances for an extended period of time. 

shutterstock_97834343_0.jpg"This is the first time I have ever engaged in any treatment. So far I have attended all my appointments" - WDP service user

Our programmes, which integrate emotional support with expert medical treatment are designed to prepare individuals for  a life free from addiction. We achieve this through one-to-one counselling, group work, complementary therapies, life skills, harm reduction information and preparation for entering rehabilitation programmes or life within your community.

What is rehabilitation?

Our rehabilitation or ‘rehab’ programmes involve intensive treatment over a fixed period, ranging between a few weeks and six months. As part of our approach to rehabilitation, we deliver our programmes from specialist treatment facilities, which require individuals to be resident for a period of their treatment. 

Studies show that receiving treatment in an environment that creates a break from current circumstances provides a key opportunity to engage fully with treatment, and maximises the rehabilitation process.

We also offer community-based rehab programmes, enabling those receiving treatment in the day to return to their own home in the evening. Rehabilitation programmes normally include a mixture of group work, counselling and other practical and vocational activities.

WDP residential detoxification

WDP offers a safe, supportive, secure environment for residential detoxification at our facilities in Passmores House, in Harlow, Essex. Passmores House provides treatment designed to allow you to withdraw safely and comfortably from addictive substances, with 24/7 nursing support and access to a Consultant Psychiatrist in Addiction, in an environment that is responsive to your needs. The length of detoxification can vary from 10 to 28 days depending on your needs. 

We accept the following referrals:

  • Detox only (opiates, Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, club drugs, NPS and Alcohol)
  • Detox & rehab
  • Rehabilitation only
  • Detoxification plus, which includes a 28-day combination of detox, and time in rehabilitation groups when detoxed

You will be assessed by our on-site doctor and will receive 24 hour support from specialist nursing and recovery team. You will also have access to: one-to-one support with recovery workers, group work sessions, complementary therapies, harm reduction information and guidance to prepare you for the rehabilitation programmes.

WDP residential rehabilitation

The residential rehabilitation programme is also run from Passmores House and lasts between 12 and 24 weeks. You will have your own individual room in Passmores House – a beautiful, renovated historic building set in a leafy park. Our medical team is headed by our consultant psychiatrist, who is supported by our full-time doctor and nurse manager. We provide 24-hour nursing and recovery support staff on-site.

We will support you to overcome principle barriers to ongoing recovery. The support you will receive includes one-to-one counselling, group therapy and complementary therapies. You will also have access to Life Skills and Life Management courses including cooking and budgeting, and we will help you to engage with aftercare interventions surrounding education, training and employment.

You will work closely with our skilled ‘change’ team to develop your personalised rehabilitation plan. Working in a safe and secure environment, our counsellors, key workers and therapists can work with you and your family to create a basis for lasting change.

Aftercare programmes in the community

Building on positive change following a detox or rehab programme is essential for long-term, sustained recovery. WDP offers a broad range of one-to-one and group-based interventions to support those who have received detox or rehab to return to a full and active life, free from dependency.

These interventions include:

  • Family and couples counselling
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Weekly cognitive and therapeutic groups
  • Parenting support
  • Acupuncture and other wellbeing therapies
Where do we provide Detox and rehab ?