Prison-based services

Prisons are an important place to engage people who are experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol into effective treatment. Our expert teams of substance misuse workers work closely with prisoners to assess their individual needs and prepare and facilitate a comprehensive treatment plan which includes ensuring continuous support upon release from prison.

We believe that targeted drug and alcohol recovery is integral to the successful rehabilitation of prisoners, to ensure that they have the opportunity to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into the community. This is reflected in the government’s strategy to tackle substance misuse and has helped shape historic policies such as the Integrated Drug Treatment System (IDTS) and Counselling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare (CARATS), which aim to increase the availability of substance misuse treatment services to prisoners.

Our drug services in prisons work closely with key prison departments to provide a full assessment for prisoners with substance misuse issues, identify their treatment readiness and provide a wide range of psychosocial and clinical treatment interventions. We work in partnership with prison departments such as Healthcare Education, Resettlement and Reducing Reoffending. These prison-based partnerships are further enhanced with robust partnerships with community agencies, ensuring continuation of treatment on release.

Our prison-based substance misuse treatment includes a range of services:

  • Comprehensive assessment and risk management planning
  • Induction and engagement into substance misuse programmes
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Care/recovery planning and reviews of treatment progress
  • Offending behaviour one-to-one work
  • Psychosocial and clinical group work programmes including mutual aid, peer support and Recovery Champions schemes
  • Access to alcohol and opiate prescribing services including stabilisation, detoxification and reduction regimes
  • Advice and support regarding substance use and other issues faced by the client
  • Pre-release planning to help clients prepare for reintegration into the community
  • Liaison and treatment coordination with community-based drug and alcohol treatment services and continuity of care from prison to prison
Where do we provide Prison-based services ?