Psychosocial services

Psychosocial support is an integral part of the recovery journey. At WDP we are passionate about helping people to regain control of their lives, through a range of effective interventions to develop the psychosocial wellbeing of our service users.  

We are aware that substance misuse and addictions can affect not just individuals but their friends, family, and significant others. That’s why WDP has a range of services and professionals available to support individuals and their social networks to promote wellbeing and ensure a successful recovery. 

Psychosocial wellbeing is rooted in the ability to form healthy relationships and participate in community networks. This can be increased through care and support offered by caregivers, family members, friends, neighbours, teachers, health workers, and community members on a daily basis, but also by accessing specialised psychological and social services like ours. 

We recognise that the recovery journey is different for each individual and our services and teams of professionals work to influence both the individual and the social environment in which they live, providing tailored packages of care to help them achieve their goals and recovery.

Psychosocial interventions address a combination of psychological aspects of human and social experiences, for example exposure to loss or violence. They aim to build upon support mechanisms, examine possible risks, and try to promote coping and positive development. 

Our psychosocial interventions include the following: 

  • One-to-one counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Family counselling and therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Mental health, counselling
  • Education and group support interventions
  • Play therapy for children
  • Specialist interventions for young people

Our psychosocial interventions are delivered by our network of qualified practitioners who will work with service users to provide a tailored care package. This will assist them to get some structure into their lives, increase their self-confidence, and regain control.