Reintegration and aftercare

Returning to learning, training or employment is increasingly recognised as a key element in itself, which helps people recover from drug or alcohol dependency.

shutterstock_243472003_0.jpg“Work, paid or unpaid can be a vital part of recovery, helping people to gain self-esteem and build their social identity. Routes into work during recovery can help to sustain gains made in treatment” – Professor John Strang

We have developed a range of specialist reintegration and aftercare services under our Recovery in Action model, a central resource that supports the delivery and improvement of a diverse range of interventions throughout the WDP services.

We offer a range of reintegration and aftercare services to:

  • Reduce reliance on drugs of dependence
  • Support sustained recovery
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and personal responsibility
  • Promote the importance of family in sustaining long-term recovery
  • Increase employability, work-readiness and self-worth through meaningful activity
  • Reduce reoffending
  • Improve literacy and numeracy
  • Provide opportunities to gain accredited qualifications
  • Increase levels of independence and self-efficacy

We also have a bespoke employment support programme called IPS Into Work, which helps people to gain paid, sustainable work through an evidenced-based model called Individual Placement & Support.

You can read about the impact of our Recovery In Action work in the report below.