GSB Into Work

Giving Something Back into Work is a supported employment programme that provides service users with the opportunity to progress in recovery through a training course aimed to guide them back into sustainable, paid employment, voluntary work or training opportunities suited to them.

It aims to build confidence, employability skills and support with various opportunities to help those seeking employment. The programme prepares participants for the workplace with mock interviews, CV writing and interpersonal skills workshops. This provides them with a solid base from which to begin to reintegrate into the community, whether with further training, volunteering or employment.

The programme is aimed at service users who are in a place of stability within their recovery. Following the completion of the programme, WDP provides participants with continued support for up to three months.

GSB into Work is a project run by WDP and delivered through hubs in Barnet, Hackney and Havering. The project is open to all WDP services and partner agencies for referrals and has been funded for three years by The Big Lottery Fund.

We work proactively with our GSB into Work participants to find employment that they enjoy and will develop in.

This means promoting the idea that a range of career paths are available, including:

  • Health and Social care
  • Construction
  • Office work
  • Retail
  • Theatre and arts 


GSB into Work Case Study

Joe (name changed for privacy reasons) has been out of employment for over 20 years and has recently graduated from the GSB into Work programme.
Joe came to London in 2009 to leave Liverpool’s drug scene. “I was staying at my cousins and had nowhere to live. I engaged in drug and alcohol treatment services and threw myself into every activity I could, but I found I was still using here and there.”

“My drug use spiralled out of control and life was like this for a few years. I finally went to a detox centre and rehab for three months; I came out of rehab just before Christmas of 2015 but relapsed shortly after. I ended up in hospital and was placed on a script for methadone, I then re-engaged with WDP. I was referred to the GSB into Work programme by my key worker. At first I was a bit hesitant but when I came into the group everyone just clicked and the atmosphere was brilliant, it was totally different to the other courses I attended. I received a lot of positive feedback and this course taught me how to accept this feedback.”

Following his successful completion of the programme, Joe has now been working at catering company for over two months. His employer stated that:

“Working with Joe is great, when shown once he gets it. Joe has what it takes. He is really good, especially working with the Spanish students and taking a lead. People who come from a challenging background will work a lot harder and be more grateful for the opportunity. They have to work hard to get where they are and they are extremely hard working in return, which is hard to find in this industry.”

When asked if he would recommend the course, Joe replied:

“The course works as you can see, I found this course more interactive than the other courses I have been on, there was more group work and this was a lot better. I would recommend this course to anyone in recovery as it is worth doing, even if you are not looking at getting into work, it is a chance to get into voluntary work. I find this job is brilliant, the staff are great and very welcoming.”

Joe is still working hard on his recovery and is receiving support from his key worker at WDP. Joe states that a big part of his motivation and the desire to change is due to the birth of his two sons and works so hard on his recovery because of them.

WDP would like to thank the ClementJames Centre, who helped establish the link between WDP and the catering company.