Upcoming Research and Innovation Projects

Unlinked Anonymous Monitoring Survey of PWID

This is a public health surveillance study to measure the prevalence of HIV and other infections among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID). The main aims of this project include:

  • Estimating levels of HIV Hep B and Hep C among PWID attending drug service
  • Monitoring key behaviours (including equipment sharing, uptake of diagnostic equipment)
  • Providing information relating to public health and making future projections about HIV, and Hep B and C epidemics in this population

The project is due to go live in Barnet in October and will involve staff asking service users, who are current or former injectors, if they will provide a dried blood sample and complete an anonymous questionnaire that will be sent to PHE. WDP will receive a local service report if at least 30 service users are recruited


Identity transition in recovery from problem drinking 

A doctoral student from London South Bank University will be conducting this project within Passmores House and aims to identify how service user identity changes throughout their recovery journey. The study will take a mixed-methods approach using questionnaires, service data and semi structured interviews. The project is due to be completed by October 2019 and preliminary findings with be made available to the IRU from June.




A Pilot Study - utilising therapy dogs in community substance misuse services  

WDP are working in collaboration with The Mayhew to adapt their existing TheraPaws Programme to support our service users who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression. The pilot will be conducted within WDP Brent and service users will receive animal assisted therapy group sessions for 12 weeks. The research project will be primarily quantitative with a small qualitative element and will aim to determine how effective this intervention is at enhancing retention rates, reducing substance misuse and improving service user mental health and wellbeing.


Redbridge Street Drinking Project

WDP and London South Bank University are in the process of being commissioned to also conduct a street drinking outreach and research project within Redbridge. We are currently in the process of working with commissioners to ascertain the research methodology.




How do Health Professionals in Statutory, Non-Statutory and Private drug and alcohol services respond, experience and view users of New/Novel Psychoactive Substances?

This research is being carried out by a doctoral student from Anglia Ruskin University and aims to explore how Health Professionals in three different healthcare services experience, view and respond towards users of New/Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS). The benefits of this research include:

  • giving health professionals newer knowledge on how to respond to users of NPS.
  • improving patient care and management in the area of NPS use.
  • informing service improvement for users of NPS, for example, make the pathway of referral easier and streamline for users of NPS.
  • understanding any lack of procedures for health professionals managing users of NPS.


Identity and the journey through substance use and recovery

This research project is being carried out by a masters’ student at London South Bank University. The project will explore the role of motherhood on an individual’s recovery journey and changes in identity that they experience during this time. Using a qualitative approach, the experiences of the participants will be discussed via 1 to 1 interviews. The results of this research could help to inform health professionals and improve the provisions available to mothers recovering from substance use.