How to protect yourself from coronavirus if you are taking drugs

In addition to regular hand-washing, here are a few other common-sense tips to reduce your risk of getting coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands all over for at least 20 seconds. Use soap and water or hand sanitiser. Do this after coming into contact with anyone, after handling money and before you handle, prepare or take drugs.
  • Avoid sharing joints, pipes, straws, etc 
  • Avoid sharing / passing your stash bags 
  • Avoid touching your face/eyes with your hands when smoking/snorting 
  • Wash using/preparation surfaces 
  • Avoid parties/big sessions – stay at home where you can.


Coronavirus and drug supply

As coronavirus has affected global movement, we’re expecting some changes to drug supply.

You might find that the drugs you pick up are a different strength or purity.

This means the drugs you take may not be what you are expecting.

Please be careful and follow harm reduction advice like only taking a small amount and waiting a couple of hours before taking more.

More harm reduction information can be found here on the Drugwise website.



Naloxone is an emergency medication that can reverse the effects of an overdose, including methadone and buprenorphine.

Please let us know if you don’t have a naloxone kit at home, or if yours is damaged or out-of-date.

Some of our services can give you nasal naloxone spray, especially if you have children at home.