Our incredible volunteers give up their time to make a difference to the lives of our service users.

Read some of their stories and find out why they volunteer at WDP.


WDP Peer Mentor

Without WDP I would undoubtedly still be in active addiction. WDP has given me the tools to control my addictions rather than let my addictions control me. I've achieved this by engaging with courses such as Giving Something Back and peer mentoring. I am now a NOVA course facilitator, basically repeating what I have been taught to others. Nobody recovers on their own, it's about unity. I get so much satisfaction from being a part of somebody else's recovery and to me that is immeasurable. Service users have thanked me for my help and that gives me nothing but inspiration to keep doing what I'm doing.

I am extremely proud of how far my recovery journey has come. And now I really do look forward to my future. You haven't seen the best of me yet! I aspire to become a recovery practitioner as now by coming through services I really do feel that I have found my vocation. Volunteering with WDP has just validated that and given me great strength and an enormous amount of self-worth.


WDP and IRU Volunteer

"Volunteering at WDP has been a truly great experience, and I'm amazed at how much I've been able to learn. I've been co-facilitating one of the groups at a local service and gotten to work alongside people with decades of experience in this field. As someone who's always had a keen interest in psychology it's given me the opportunity to learn and apply a lot of what was only an academic understanding up until this point. I've been struck by how friendly and helpful the staff here at WDP are, and the compassionate approach they take towards clients has definitely given me something to aspire to.

At Central Services I've been volunteering at the Innovation and Research Unit where I've been using my experience in software development to help innovate within services. Attending the monthly IRU meetings always gives me food for thought, and I thoroughly enjoy hearing from people at all levels of the organisation. With my own IRU projects, being given the freedom to contribute my own talents and learn more about how the organisation works in a wider scale has been great. Volunteering here has definitely been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life."


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