How we work

Recovery is a personal journey and different for each individual. We recognise that for some, residential treatment is the first necessary step towards returning to a full and active life, free from dependency. 

We place an emphasis on transition, ensuring that a person is ready and supported to move from one phase of treatment to the next. Our vision is to help people develop full and active lives, whether they choose to return to their own communities or make a fresh start somewhere new.

Our expert residential services are one step of an integrated treatment system. We work with our residents to tailor individual care plans with community-based services and local support networks, ensuring that you continue to build on your positive experiences and achievements here. 

Client-centred care is at the heart of Passmores House

A core principle of our approach is that treatment and recovery should be planned to suit the individual. We provide a safe, structured and tranquil environment that allows flexibility to meet individual needs.

We position our residents at the heart of our organisation, recognising that support from others with similar experiences can play a crucial role in recovery. The support offered by our peer mentors, mutual aid groups and recovery champions has been paramount to those who are at the beginning of their recovery journey. 

Woman red glasses_1.jpg "Thank you for all of your help and support in helping me put my life together again. It’s great to be able to mix with the rehab clients" - Resident

Providing a holistic programme

Passmores House has developed a treatment programme that is accredited by EATA delivered through an effective mix of therapeutic, cognitive and lifeskills interventions that are delivered via one-to-one and group work, drama therapy, complementary therapies, physical activity groups, family therapy and parenting skills.

Residents can expect an in-depth assessment, and a recovery plan focusing on their specific needs. Each Resident has a dedicated recovery practitioner and an individual therapist as well as regular access to complementary therapies.

Residents will have a timetable detailing the type and length of each day's activities. There are usually three structured groups every day in addition to one-to-one sessions with either the counsellor, complementary therapist or recovery worker.

Together, our programme delivers a tailored and unique service that consistently provides great outcomes for programme completions.

A recognised leader

Our success has been recognised by the National Treatment Agency (NTA) and locally by both county government and local district and community officials, including three awards by the High Sheriffs of Hertfordshire.