I am a WDP service user receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) prescriptions

During lockdown conditions, to keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing, where possible, we sent prescriptions directly to local pharmacies for pick up, instead of visiting WDP services.

Speak to your keyworker to get the latest information about prescription pick-ups, so you know when and where to collect your prescription.


I’m self-isolating and can’t get to a pharmacy to get my prescription

If you’re advised to self-isolate (but not treated in hospital), you need to nominate someone else to collect your prescription on your behalf. Please give your pharmacy a call beforehand to let them know.

If you don’t have someone that can do this, contact your keyworker to help put a plan in place.

This page from the NHS explains what to do if you need someone else to collect your prescription.


If you are storing your medication at home

  • Only take the dose you are prescribed for each day and measure your dose carefully.
    • Don’t take more than you should as there is a risk you may overdose. Your pharmacist can provide you with a dose cup.
    • There is no need to stockpile methadone. There are adequate supplies nationally. If you have excess methadone at home, then this can be returned to your local pharmacist.
  • Don’t share your medication. If someone you know needs help, please tell them to get in touch with their local drug and alcohol service.
  • Always keep your medication secure in the bottle with the child-proof cap. Lock it away if possible. Keep it in a high place, out of reach of other people, especially children. Do not keep it in easy-to-access places like the fridge. Your service can provide you with a safe-storage box if you don’t already have one.
  • Think about who you need to tell about your medication, so you can keep yourself and anyone at home safe.


If you are shielding or self-isolating and need to access your medication

How to register for pick up and delivery of your medication 

1. If you haven’t received a NHS letter informing you are that vulnerable and:

(a) You have a medical condition which means you’re classed as being clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus*


(b) You have been told by your GP or hospital clinician that you’re clinically extremely vulnerable and need to ‘shield’**


2. Follow the registration steps at the government’s coronavirus support service webpage

The online form will ask for contact details, type of request/referral (medication delivery), frequency and priority.

Please speak to your keyworker if you would like help with this registration and completing the online form.


*Check your medical condition applies using the link above.

**Shielding means not leaving your home and minimising contact with other members of your household.


How to request pick up and delivery of your medication 

1. Once you have registered, call 0808 196 3646 (NHS Volunteer Responders).

2. Request ‘Community Support’.

  • Priority of referral is based upon the following:
  • High – immediate need for support, ideally that day
  • Medium – requires support in the next 48 hours
  • Low – requires support in the coming week

3. Please ensure you apply for help as soon as possible so this does not delay receipt of your medication.

4. It is recommended that the person collecting the medication have a form of ID and have a note of authority from you, informing the pharmacist that the person is picking up your medication.